World Peace Summit 2021 With a Noble Concept “Rest In Peace v/s Live In Peace” is Being Organized ..

Updated: Apr 13

World Peace Summit 2021 with a noble concept “Rest In Peace v/s Live In Peace” is being organized by 3H Companion in collaboration with 18 national and international organizations during April-May 2021. The event was inaugrated under the gracious presence and able guidance of honorable sir Anurag Tripathi, CBSE Secretary and Sir J.K Gangal,Director CCHRD on April 8, 2021.

The event was started with God's name, followed by essence of summit , Words of wisdom by Chief guest sir Anurag Tripathi ji , keynote speaker sir J.K Gangal ji and Founder Director of 3H Companion Chanchal Bhargava and all collaboraters.

The discussion says, We oten come across messages like “May his soul rest in peace!” But the bigger question is: why doesn't he live in peace? The soul is at peace, and will surely rest in peace. However, it is our body, mind and heart that get upset. Often, people speak good about others when they leave the body. Why cannot we speak good when they are still alive, with or around us?

This thought ignites the spark to organize this summit and truly when the power of love overcomes the love for power it becomes Peace. This noble cause of introducing, instilling and creating peace is widely projected by 3H Companion in association with 18 organizations for a month with one purpose: to smile and create more smiles aiming to weave the threads of oneness and peace across the globe and The summit concludes with a thoughtful insight," if you Live In Peace, it will automatically culminate into Rest In peace!

Chanchal Bhargava

Founder Director

3H Companion

Bulandshahr, India 🇮🇳

& All Collaboraters.

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