Youngsters Entrepreneur Nexus brings a wave of relief with a 3-day e-Series for students

New Delhi : COVID impact may force students to reconsider career Choices; Youngsters Entrepreneur Nexus brings a wave of relief with a 3-day e-Series for students of class 10 - 12.

A survey by Career Guidance company stated 63% students feels that their initial career plans have been badly hit due to COVID-19, while 42% students feel that they have been forced to reconsider their preferred career choices and are thinking of having a backup plan now.

The ongoing pandemic has further triggered scepticism about travelling overseas. As per the analysis of the report, 78% of students who were originally planning on studying at an overseas university are now likely to change their higher education plans.

This is an alarming situation as boards have cancelled the exams & evaluation criteria has been devised to a new way of assessment.

The classrooms have reformed as virtual classrooms.

Looking at this scenario Youngsters Entrepreneurs Nexus is organising an exclusive 3 days e-Series 11 July -14 July 2020 with the help of Career Beacon where the career experts & subject matter experts will guide the students of class x-xi-xii on the impact of Pandemic on various sectors and pointers on the scope of career & courses.

Siddharth Rao the convener of Youngster Entrepreneur Nexus shared with media channels that being a student he himself has revised his Career preference & he is equally tensed for the result which is expected on 15 July 2020.

He mentioned to our media personnel that National Career Counsellors Network team has supported to curate this e-series and the series will focus on upcoming and in-demand car cyber security, healthcare, hospitality design, architecture, project management, gig economy, foreign education, ICT, Retail, Sports & Event management, mental & emotional well being.

Siddharth Rao, further mentioned that the series is an outcome with classmates as the students & their parents are disturbed and anxious about college Admissions.

He mentioned that Mrs Kavita Rai & Mrs Sunanda Rao the career mentors & Editorial team of Career Beacon magazine have backed him to put the series.

Siddharth also mentioned that they have received a great response of schools to share this with their students to participate in the series.

The event will go live on Facebook & registered students may watch it live using the following link

Day 1 speakers will share insights on Design, Architecture, Cyber Security, Ethical Hacking, Hospitality & Careers with PCB beyond NEET.

Siddharth expects that these e-series is an initiative to give relief to parents & pupils.

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